New Books from QFINANCE

Asset Management: Tools and Strategies

This new multi-author bookprovides complete coverage of asset management issues and techniques.

  • Covers effective asset allocation, due diligence, ethical and socially responsible investing (SRI).
  • Analysis of ethical, hedge and other types of funds.  
  • Checklists provide practical approaches to making investment decisions.
  • Expansive coverage and global in perspective, combined with real-life case studies.

Includes contributions from leading experts: Amarendra Swarup, Aswath Damodaran, Moorad Choudhry and Jos van Bommel.

Publication Date: June 2011     Price: £50    Hardback    ISBN: 9781849300216

QFINANCE: The Ultimate Resource Revised 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of QFINANCE has been fully revised and includes 70 new articles on Islamic Finance, MBOs, asset management and insurance. This new book is essential reading for anyone who demands informative, high-quality information from the world of finance.

  • Over 300 best practice and thought leadership articles, including contributions from Frank Fabozzi, Javier Estrada, Ernst Ligteringen, Paul Wilmott, Aldo Mareuse, Stewart Hamilton and many more.
  • Checklists: more than 220 practical guides and solutions to daily financial challenges;
  • Finance Information Sources: 200+ pages spanning 64 finance areas
  • International Financial information: up-to-date country and industry data
  • Management Library: over 125 summaries of the most popular finance titles
  • Finance Thinkers: 50 biographies covering their work and life; Quotations and Dictionary
  • A comprehensive dictionary of over 9,000 finance and banking terms used globally & over 2,000 business relevant quotations
Publication Date: January 2011

Best-Practice Approaches to Internal Auditing

This new book will help you understand the internal auditing process by providing an up-to-date and comprehensive range of essays and checklists on the latest methodologies. To looks at how to improve your internal audits, aligning them with strategic objectives, how they should be reported, as well as their limitations.

The book lays out best-practice approaches to implementing and optimizing internal auditing in a clear and effective way, extended by real-world case studies. Checklists provide practical, step-by-step guides to the internal auditing process that are globally applicable, written with knowledge of worldwide standards.

This new book will help both companies looking to start an internal auditing function and anyone looking to improve in this area.

Leading experts including Anne Loft, professor of accounting at Lund University, Sweden; Michael Parkinson, director in the government services practice of KPMG, Philip Ratcliffe, Chief Audit Executive of DS Smith in the UK; and Sheryl Vacca, senior vice president and chief compliance and audit officer at the University of California in the US.

Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN: 978849300230

Financing and Raising Capital

Financing and Raising Capital provides a step-by-step guide for practitioners needing to know about financing at the various stages of a company's growth: angel finance, venture capital funding, both public and private equity, IPO's, raising capital from both small and institutional investors, issuing debt and securitisation.

Over 30 best practice articles by leading experts including Frank Fabozzi, professor of finance at Yale School of Management, US; Arne-G. Hostrup, Managing Director, Netzwerk Nordbayern, Germany; and Roger Lister, professor of finance at Salford University provide step-by-step approaches and case studies to give you the tools you need to deal with the various stages of financing a company.

25 step-by-step guides detail practical solutions to apply when facing the inevitable pitfalls of financing and raising capital, as well as how to avoid them.

Some chapters focus specifically on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Publication Date: February 2011
ISBN: 9781849300193

Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets

This new book looks at the application of Sharia law to the world of banking and finance. It provides you with an understanding of the rationale behind the instruments and the rapidly developing Islamic financial markets.

Coverage includes in-depth analysis of the financial instruments within the Sharia framework and how they are applied in various sectors including insurance, investment and capital markets. Regulatory issues are also discussed both from the role of the Sharia board to reporting financial risk to legal bodies.   

It addresses issues such as bringing a New Ethical Dimension to Banking through to The International Role of Islamic Finance and provides you with a range of checklists from Business Ethics in Islamic Finance to The Role of the Shariah Advisory Board in Islamic Finance and Regulatory and Capital Issues under Shariah Law.

Publication Date: November 2010
ISBN: 9781849300179

Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management

A new multi-author book written by leading experts in the field of risk management including Aswath Damodoran, John C. Groth and David Shimko.

It is a valuable tool that enables you to assess the potential business threats, both from within your organization and from external sources. It comprises over 30 chapters covering the range of risks your organization might face including financial, strategic, operational risks. It offers you over 25 step-by-step guides on the required steps to cope with any detrimental event that could impact on your company’s financial health.

It addresses issues such as Understanding Reputation Risk and Its Importance through to Building Potential Catastrophe Management into a Strategic Risk Framework.

There are a range of checklists including Balancing Hedging Objectives with Accounting Rules (FAS 133), Creating a Risk Register,What Is Forensic Auditing? and Managing and Auditing the Risk of Business Interruption.

Publication Date: July 2010
ISBN: 9781849300032

Effective Operations and Performance Management

This is a new multi-author volume, written by practitioners and academics in their respective fields of expertise including Andrew Mayo, Subir Chowdhur, Andrew Cox and Leslie L. Kossoff providing coverage in all aspects of operations and performance within a company.

The book looks at measuring and managing operational issues, providing you with a solid platform from which to develop strategies and grow your business. It includes over 30 chapters covering the management of operations and performance. It offers you a rich vein of thought leadership and best practice and practical step-by-step guides on methods to improve operational robustness and measure performance.

It addresses issues such as Why EVA Is the Best Measurement Tool for Creating Shareholder Value through to Incorporating Operational and Performance Auditing into Compliance and Financial Auditing.

There are a range of Checklists including Performing a Skills Gap Analysis,The Triple Bottom Line, Using and Understanding Financial Ratios for Analysis.

Publication Date: October 2010
ISBN: 9781849300070

QFINANCE: The Pocket Dictionary of Finance

Designed for the on-the-move finance professional & students who needs quick concise definitions fast. With over 5,000 terms packed into 224 pages this is an essential finance reference, enabling you to be well versed in the latest finance terminology.

Publication Date: October 2010
ISBN: 9781849300155

The Dictionary of Accounting and Finance

With over 9,000 entries, the Dictionary of Accounting and Finance covers a huge range of terms and acronyms specifically relating to finance and accounting, as well as more general business and commercial terms.

Publication Date: July 2010
ISBN: 9781849300117

QFINANCE: The Pocket Dictionary of Business

Designed for the business professional & students who needs quick concise definitions fast. With over 5,000 terms packed into 224 pages this is an essential business reference, enabling you to be kept up-to-date with the latest business terminology.

Price: £9.99
Publication Date: October 2010
ISBN: 9781849300131

Coming Soon...

Asset-Liability Management for Financial Institutions

Publication Date: November 2011     Price: £19.99    Hardback    ISBN: 978-1-84930-041-4

Asset Liability Management for Financial Institutions helps build the knowledge base in the context of the turmoil in the banking sector and covers issues such as how to increase the value of the firm, corporate finance objectives, managing interest rate risk and liquidity risk, risk structure, and calculations including duration and convexity.

This book will also include:

  • Yield Curve Analysis – Strategies and diversification post Credit Crunch
  • Applications for Futures and Forwards - Forward Rate Agreements
  • Eurodollar Futures – Gapping Analysis - Interest Rate Swaps
  • Gapping and Duration Analysis - Present Value - VAR Approaches
  • Capital Adequacy and the Basel Directives

Managing Reputation Risk

Publication Date: November 2011     Price: £19.99    Hardback    ISBN: 978-1-84930-042-1

Managing Reputation Risk provides advice on how to define and value your organization’s reputation and techniques for maintaining and protecting it from risks that may arise on a daily basis. This book also covers where the responsibility for reputation management lies, risk identification, governance aspects, containment and mitigation of negative events.
Aimed at the business strategist, auditor and senior management, Managing Reputation Risk covers:

  • Defining and categorizing reputation – Qualifying and quantifying reputation
  • Managing and monitoring external perceptions - “Bad news” management
  • Tools and techniques for managing and monitoring reputation
  • Reputation and shareholder value - The importance of CSR
  • Reputation and business strategy

Effective Auditing for Corporates

Publication Date :December 2011     Price: £19.99    Hardback    ISBN:978-1-84930-044-5

Effective Auditing for Corporates provides proactive advice exploiting the concerns of business leaders who have realised that effective auditing is fundamental to the financial health of a company, and the key to how shareholders and potential investors perceive the underlying value of a company.

This book is the essential guide that both acts as a refresher of what is required from an internal and external audit and the processes and structures required.  It covers both the financials and regulatory compliance, and the crossover between the roles of internal and external auditor.

Further areas cover will include:

  • General audit management - Compliance and corporate audit
  • The internal audit and the governance audit
  • Up-to date coverage and comment on regulation globally.

Business Performance Excellence: Methods For Benchmarking Your Business... Above the Competition

Publication Date: DEcember 2011     Price: £19.99    Hardback    ISBN: 978-1-84930-043

Business performance excellence (BPE) is the management practice that combines the human, financial, and capital assets of a firm in an integrated structure and process, enabling the optimal framework for creating greater profitabililty.

Originally the brainchild of Dr. Jeffrey Luftig, Business Performance Excellence provides the latest thinking and developments of BPE, enabling the business manager to harness the best performance from all resources within a firm.   This new book includes gap analysis, strategic and policy planning, deployment, structuring and alignment, the six sigma, project selection and prioritisation.